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CentralAir 4.0 Whole House Fan


CentricAir 4.0 Whole House Fan

The CentricAir 4.0 Whole House fan series is perfect for the house with attic space. Bring in fresh air when outside temperatures are low and save over AC.

The Centric Air Whole House fans are manufactured with German motors. Additionally it uses precision balanced blades for a quieter operation.

CentricAir 4.0 information and requirements

Cools up to 4400 sq. ft. of space.

Requires 5.0 square feet of attic ventilation.

3860 CFM

Costs $0.07/hour to run

Rated for about 40,000 of operation.

The CentricAir series of fans are sold with a single speed remote with 5 function timer and a backdraft damper. Additional switches and dampers are available. Call Positive Energy at 800-488-4340 for more details.