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Purfil 1G Expanding Foam


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Expanding foam is applied as a bead to large cracks and openings in a building’s structure. The bead stops the passage of air, gases, water and sound. Unlike standard caulk, the foam also provide an R value of 5.9/inch. Purfil is a very low VOC’s environmentally friendly (little ozone depleting HCFC’s) one-part foam. This concentrated foam can screws onto the top of either gun listed below for a more portable controlled application with less waste than typical aerosol can foams. The 24 ounce can yeilds 960′ of a 1/2″ bead. The 32 ounce can yields 1200′ of a 1/2″ bead.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 5 x 5 in
Gun Foam Options

24 oz can, 32 oz can, Case of 12 24 oz cans, Case of 12 32 oz cans