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Tubular Skylight brand skylight


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Our tubular skylight ceiling disks are insulated to R-22 (the only highly insulated tubes on the market). The insulator disc and tight sealing unit mean virtually no heat gain into the lighted room. The Tubular Skylight also has the lowest profile roof mount (only 6″ high). Roof and ceiling hardware is adjustable so that elbow bends are almost always unnecessary, insuring more light into your room. Because the material of the tube is 95% reflective, our 8″ diameter tube gives more light than many competitors’ 16″ models. All exterior parts adjust to the roof pitch allowing the tube top to remain parallel to the horizon. This insures maximum light output, even if the unit is mounted on the north side of the building. The dual sealed and ridged gutter flashings both ensure no leakage problems. The exterior dome is made of impact resist ant non-yellowing acrylic. The Galvalume Flashing is10 times more corrosive resistant than galvanized metal. The tube, itself, is aluminum with a 95% Reflective Surface. The interior difuser is made of a translucent White Acrylic, to spread daylight evenly throughout the room. Like the exterior dome, it is UV stable (non-yellowing). The medium tubular skylight will light up an area approximately 10′ x 10′ or 100 square feet.Please specify low profile roof mount, or standard roof mount (stands 10″ above roof for high snow areas, or very steep roofs).   

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 30 x 30 in
Skylight Options

Low profile roof mount 2' length kit, Low profile roof mount 4' length kit, Standard roof mount 2' length kit, Standard roof mount 4' length kit