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All buildings require ventilation to rid the dwelling of stale air, exhaust indoor toxins, and to protect the structure from the damaging effects of excess moisture. With today's tighter homes, a controlled, well designed, ventilation system is a necessity. Several new products on the market not only ensure low energy bills, but make for a more comfortable living environment.

What is different about the Panasonic fans?

Panasonic fans are uniquely quiet - In many cases, you won't even hear that they are on!! They are very low energy users, and so well made, that they are rated for constant use.

All Panasonic fans have received the prestigious E-star rating. Rebate programs are often provided by local utility companies, based on Energy Star guidelines.


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Panasonic Whisper Ceiling Fans

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Panasonic Whisperwarm Fan with Light Panasonic 2-Speed Fan
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Panasonic Whisperwarm Fan with Light Panasonic 2-Speed Fan

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