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For the utmost in energy efficient heating and cooling of your home, you need three components.

1. The system must be designed correctly with all ductwork adequately sealed. An energy audit can let you know if you have any leaky ducts. If you do, you can repair cracks in ductwork joints with our mastics and tapes. Our products are economical and easy to apply. In addition, you may want to insulate your ducts to prevent heated or cooled air from exiting into unconditioned spaces. This wastes heat as well as money.

2. You want to be able to control your system so that it is not wasting valuable energy. A setback thermostat will insure that your home or business is heated or cooled when you need it to be, and is not turned on when unnecessary, such as when no one is home or at the commercial location. There may be appropriate times to lower temperatures too, for instance when residents are sleeping heat can be set for a lower temperature.

3. You want to know if your system is working. Such measures as installing one of our wall plate thermometers will let you know that you are heating and cooling at the optimal setting.