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Why use our compact fluorescent bulbs and fixtures (CFL’s) instead of incandescent bulbs? CFL’s may need a little more power when they first turn on, but once they light up to their maximum output, they use about 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs. Furthermore, CFL’s are rated to last 10,000 hours before needing replacement. This is especially important in places where bulbs are difficult to change out, or are left on for many hours at a time. One of our porch light cp fixtures would be a perfect place to try out using compact fluorescents. These lights are left on for several hours at a time, and our TCP’s can even be purchased with a sensor that turns the bulb on at dusk and off at dawn.

A light emitting diode bulb (led) goes a step further. Unlike the compact fluorescent, hey do not need warm up time, and they use even less energy than the compact fluorescents. They do have certain design limitations, and can not be used in all applications.

Our led’s and compact fluorescent bulbs are attractive as well as economical.