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As homes and commercial buildings have become more airtight, the need for ventilation has become increasingly important. RenewAire is uniquely qualified to provide this critical indoor component. Unlike ordinary systems, RenewAire handles both exhaust and fresh airstreams while also moderating temperature extremes and humidity both in summer and winter, and removing excess carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and other gaseous pollutants.

A Brief History

More than 30 years ago, RenewAire became the first U.S. manufacturer to produce a static plate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). Its elegantly simple cross-flow technology offers positive air stream separation, which provides healthy, fresh air while recapturing heat or coolness normally wasted in an exhaust air stream. The ERV core is readily-sized for small or large ventilation requirements from individual homes to the largest commercial buildings. With over 160,000 units in operation and growing, RenewAire is one of the largest manufacturers of ERV technology in North America, offering fifth-generation ERV core technology with industry-leading features in the broadest available line of ERV models.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Renewaire Filters 990447, 990076


Energy Recovery Ventilators

Renewaire PBL Push Button Timer


Ducting and Venting

Renewaire V106 Wall Cap Vents


Energy Recovery Ventilators

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Energy Recovery Ventilators

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Energy Recovery Ventilators

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Energy Recovery Ventilators

Renewaire DH24 Humidity Control