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Your home is your castle! Protect it’s inhabitants accordingly. Carbon dioxide (CO) and smoke alarms give you the warning you need to exit the home before harmful build up make it impossible. Smoke and CO alarms should be installed in the hallway of every level of your home, and one should be installed in each bedroom. Since smoke rises, it is a good idea to install smoke alarms either high up on a wall or on the ceiling. The alarms should be tested monthly, and replaced about every ten years. Our products are manufactured by Kidde, a well trusted company that makes quality products.

Older homes and buildings should be tested for lead in paint and water with our Leadcheck kits. They are simple to use, and give quick results. If the results come up positive, you should call on a lead abatement contractor.

Radon is a radioactive gas that may be found in the soil, and thus comes up through the basement in many homes all over the country. This gas is thought to be the second leading cause of lung cancer. Testing is easy with our Accustar radon testing kits. After you test your home, and send in the kits, results come back in about a week. If yours proves to be one one of the one in fifteen homes containing harmful levels of radon, call a specialist, and have them install one of our Fantech radon fans, especially manufactured for this purpose.