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A tight seal means lower energy bills, and a more comfortable home. Heat stays in the house, and drafts stay out. Our products are unique in that they are geared to the true energy conserver, and go beyond the ordinary.

We carry several excellent attic hatch insulators to seal your attic access. This insures a good barrier – super hot attic air won’t enter through the hatch to heat up your home, and your conditioned interior air won’t escape to the attic.

Our expanding foams seal large cracks, and have an excellent R (insulating) value as well. This is a much better alternative to caulk. They can be used by the homeowner as well as by the contractor.

Our Reflectix insulation is amazing, in that it provides a high degree of insulation while being thin enough to fit in many tight spaces. In addition, it is used by many chemically sensitive people because it is non toxic.

Our Tu-Tuf vapor barrier is another non toxic product popular with chemically sensitive people. It is superior in strength and durability to the common poly vapor barriers. It can be used to seal crawl space perimeters and below ground as well as above ground applications.