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All buildings require ventilation to rid the dwelling of stale air, exhaust indoor toxins, and to protect the structure from the damaging effects of excess moisture. With today’s tighter homes, a controlled, well designed, ventilation system is a necessity. Several new products on the market not only ensure low energy bills, but make for a more comfortable living environment.

There are many options. Build your own system by combining Panasonic fans with Fresh Air 80’s or 100’s to control introduction of fresh air. Use a Renewaire ERV to incorporate your furnace heat into the ventilation process. Use any of our controls to modify your system.

Whole house fans are another ventilating category. These fans utilize cool nighttime air to lock out summer day time heat. Our QuietCool and Tamarack residential whole house fans have the added benefit of being super quiet. They also have insulated openings from the attic into the home so that there is no uninsulated hole in the attic floor as there is with typical whole house fans.


Energy Recovery Ventilators

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Fresh Air Inlets

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Fresh Air Inlets

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Energy Recovery Ventilators

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Energy Recovery Ventilators

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Fresh Air Inlets

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